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Geometric shapes => Objects

Similar grouping of shapes => Classes

Equations => Methods

Mathematics from the TOP - DOWN


This is a new approach to Math, which explores the basic set of Mathematical Objects, by grouping them into Classes and Subclasses. Equations that are applicable to the Objects will be called their Methods and will be used to fully understand the size, shape, and characteristics of each Object. Example: Class POLYGON, Subclass TRILATERAL. Method to determine one of the characteristics of these Objects is: 

“Area = (1/2) x Base x Height”.

Objects Objects Everywhere

Mathematical Objects invite visual comprehension and the manipulation of those Objects through the use of numeric tools. Objects facilitate comprehension of the fascinating world of Mathematics. Objects are also vital in Object-Oriented Programming and are used exclusively by the Internet of Things (IOT). 

Can numbers reveal objects?

The Mandelbrot number set -- discovered by using an IBM mainframe in 1975, produced the "Thumbprint of God". The solution set consisting of complex numbers would yield set membership and produce the graphic above. You must see Josh Rokman's video that drills into this strange object:  https://youtu.be/4GQBgxzqGLM


                           Mandelbrot was given numbers and equations... and he just saw objects and patterns!

The MandelFash

              Go to http://MandelFash.com and join me in creating a new and different Mandelbrot Baby.

Introduction Video

 This introduction video is followed by 5 example Lessons using the Object Oriented Mathematics teaching.


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